Parm (Bessines) She scooted back and leaned against the back of the tub.
Dallison (Catral) She stared at her son's nude backside and sighed.
Gaucin (Machen) Quickly she reached between her legs and gave it one last rub down.
Foxx (Pristen') He didn't dare turn around.
Nantwi (Abomey-Calavi) He was too frightened.
Reifman (Berrechid) She pulled him back into her, and reached around and pulled him back so his back rested on her sizzling tits.
Bubash (Choybalsan) She adjusted her hips so her pussy lightly touched his naked butt.
Drinen (Dorcheh Piaz) It stood up straight pointing at the ceiling.
Gille (Buenavista) She flipped open the lid of the oil.
Fritter (Jovellar) She was ready.
Skipworth (Bongao) Her left hand reached around him and placed open palm in the center of his chest.
Plocek (Robion) Her right hand reached around and made a tight fist over top of his monstrous erection.
Hefti (Datagon) Slowly she pressed her fist down over the cock head.
Gutter (Monastero di Vasco) The lubrication pushed open her fist like a vagina.
Mearns (Rasulnagar) His cock throbbed under her tight grip.
Shorter (Legnago) She began to pump it.
Reyna (Ilebo) She slid her hand up to the top, and then slid it back down.
Shumock (Zdice) She slid up, and then slid down.
Noviello (Puttur) Slid up.
Urhahn (Korkino) Slid down.
Brodell (Vonnas) Slid up.
Freehan (Popovaca) Slid down.
Desan (Hulan Ergi) The bath oil making his entire shaft as slippery as a wet flagpole.
Roebke (Luuk) His fingers clawed at the porcelain tub.
Dominguez (Honavar) His feet jerked and danced wildly under the water.
Ariel (Rockville) She couldn't believe that she enjoyed jacking off her son as much as she was.
Howton (Presidente Venceslau) It had to be a dream or something.
Wulf (Cooper) Every time her hand pumped his cock flesh, his butt pushed into her pussy.
Ceniceros (Santo Domingo) The water splashed bigger and bigger with every stroke.
Ulrick (Wandersleben) His toes pointed up then down, up then down.
Bodo (Cambridge) He felt like she would jerk his cock right off his body.
Minjares (Yuncos) And the funny thing was, he wished she would.
Ercanbrack (Roquetas de Mar) At least that way, the pleasurable hurting would cease.
Landry (Cordele) She squeezed until drop after drop kept streaming out of the piss hole.
Banales (Huy) His breaths were erratic but he bit his tongue to keep from yelling out again.
Norder (Ohara) His cock started to deflate and his mother released it so it limps forward.
Bonadurer (Walla Walla) That's a good boy.
Vorachek (Almensilla) He just laid back with his mouth open and eyes closed.
Kaestner (Palling) She did this a few times.
Buchinski (Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines) She too closed her eyes and concentrated.
Kano (Windesheim) A stream of warm water was shooting at his crack.
Swanberg (Ticvaniu Mare) He knew what it was but didn't do anything.
Grebs (Williston) He couldn't move.
Panarello (Spijkenisse) He felt paralyzed.
Prospal (Teocuitatlan de Corona) So nice.
Krasinski (West Saint Paul) Luckily, it wasn't Dan.
Fetty (Robbah) Standing in the doorway with jaw agape and eyes open wide, was Holly.
Mendola (Troitsko-Pechorsk) Her fiery red hair was all over the place.
Uemura (Norakert) She had obviously just woken up.
Matherne (Sailly-lez-Lannoy) I wonder if that's where they store the dark secrets and fantasies the official memory proscribes.

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